Understanding and Overcoming Life’s Test Vol. 2

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This audio series is the second of four volumes that empowers people with principles, stories and applications on how to overcome the fourteen tests that every person must confront in life.  This series contains eight sermons that cover four life tests.  The life tests covered are the Motivation Test, Servant Test, The Wilderness Test and The Misunderstanding Test.  In the Motivation Test we learn how to disclose our inner drives and purify them for the glory of God.  The lessons learned from this test; also teaches us how to overcome the false teaching and sexual deviancy plaguing the church.  In the Servant Test, we learn the five steps to becoming Christ-like in our service and the five benefits.  In the Wilderness Test, we explore the Biblical understanding of “being in the wilderness” and God’s purpose of the five places one visits during their wilderness journey in order to deal with the five issues that can keep one from reaching their promise land.  In the Misunderstanding Test, we learn what it means to commit “assumicide”, how to allow our personal wounds heal others, and the steps in dealing with those you have a misunderstanding with.  This series will transform you from a wounded person into a battle ready warrior! This audio series also contains video clips and power point sermon slides.